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What Our Students Are Saying

“Never really thought I had any artistic talents until I decided to take part in the program at Studio H. Katie, the instructor is amazing at what she does! After only a few sessions, I can already see the difference in not only my work but my attitude toward working with art.”

~ Ed

“Love this place! Katie is so patient and encouraging. I learned more in my first class with her than in the entire 6-week course I took last year in a different state!”


“I took art lessons from Katie Hemphill for approximately 4 years. She was a delight. Very supportive and allowed me to find my creative ability without judgment. She taught me things about art I could never have found in a book.”

“I feel that Katie has made a huge influence on me and taught me everything I know.
Flowers need love to bloom, you gave me love, I bloomed.”

Rebecca, age 8

“I'm very glad to have found this studio, as their teaching style has been really great for my daughter, Gabi. She has always been an artistic person, and the studio has really helped her develop her talents to the next level. She has done some amazing work, and really enjoys her time there. I look forward to watching her develop her skills even more at this studio.”

“Studio H is truly awesome. I'm a young adult with some amateur experience in art, and I just wanted some assistance working through projects and trying out watercolor. Katie was super supportive of this and has encouraged me to bring my own ideas when it comes to picking projects and experimenting with different styles. It's clear that she's incredibly talented and versatile, and goes above and beyond to make sure her students are learning and feel satisfied with their work. Her enthusiasm, in particular, has been really helpful and motivating for me to keep exploring and challenging myself. Art class is definitely one of the highlights of my week. Highly recommend for all ages and any level of experience!”

“Katie was my art instructor for a wonderful 5 years. I came to her with absolutely no previous art instruction except for Mrs. Gray’s class in 7th grade. That was 60 years ago, so you can imagine that I needed some updating. To say the least, I was apprehensive, but this was completely different. Instead of Mrs. Gray saying why don’t you put that there or this color would be better, Katie gently led me to my own decisions. Yes, she showed me how to paint with watercolor, oils, and acrylics but it was always at my own pace and without criticism. I was amazed at what was hidden beneath my layers of self-doubt. Katie’s guidance helped me in art but perhaps her most valuable gift was to show me that I could successfully pursue other goals where I had previously doubted that I could succeed. I will miss her loving hand.” 

“We discovered Studio H last fall when my son's school canceled their after-school art program. We took advantage of Studio H free trial class and it was great to see how informative yet fun it was. My son loved it and said he would love to come again every day. Katie showed her pastels program she uses with the beginners. It was the most wonderful thing I have seen. Being a mom of two elementary school children I learned that at this age kids get more of a pass time, entertainment rather skill-building, whatever activity you sign them for. Studio H was an eye-opener; here they actually teach you the proper techniques. Highly recommended if you have a budding artist in your family.” 


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